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Simple yoga steps on He claims that the vidyas or meditative disciplines contained within [the yoga upanisads] are pre-Patanjali. 36 This is all rubbish, and Satyadharma is not alone in promulgating it. So my message on this point is: beware of all dating claims. Accept them only when good evidence is provided. In this area, Indian gurus are not trustworthy guides. Hardy, a reputable scholar who attempts to support his claims with evidence, points to the collapse of the Gupta empire in 550 ce as a key point in the emergence of tantric literature, though he also suggests, like Bharati, that the novel aspect of tantra lies more in its combinations of existing ideas than in the production of material that is entirely new. That said, we may note that there is no evidence of kundalind and the cakras before the emergence of that literature. Simple yoga steps 2016.

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