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Simple yoga routines on 12 and 4.3.7-16).70 Ramanuja s arrangement, on the other hand, differs from Sankara s in a considerable number of cases, though when set against the total number of sutras (555 in all) even these do not constitute what might be called a sizeable proportion. As Thibaut points out, in spite of very numerous discrepancies the two commentators [Sankara and Ramanuja] are at one as to the general drift of the Sutras and the arrangement of topics. As a rule, the adhikaranas [divisions into topics] discuss one or several Vedic passages bearing upon a certain point of the system, and in the vast majority of cases the two commentators agree as to which are the special texts referred to.71 The same appears to be true of Bhaskara s commentary,72 which Nakamura regards as most accurately interpreting the view of the sutras. Simple yoga routines 2016.

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