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Simple yoga routine on It is these changes that make their yoga teaching truly modern. Post 8 SOME REFLECTIONS ON THE PSYCHOLOGY OF YOGA Reflecting on the manifestations of yoga outlined in the preceding chapters, the student of yogic traditions soon becomes aware of an interesting asymmetry. Yoga meditation, whether grounded in the Buddhist eightfold path, the sixfold yoga of the Maitri Upanisad, the eightfold yoga of Patanjali or one of the forms of hatha yoga, tends to involve the meditator in very similar kinds of activities. On the other hand, the descriptions of human nature and the structure of the cosmos that are based on such experiences are often very different and frequently incompatible with each other. How is it that people who engage in similar practices can arrive at such different positions on these matters? The traditional approach is to look for sources of error in the practices or reasoning of dissenters from one s own view/conviction, much as we saw the Buddha doing in the Introduction to this work. Here, I want to approach the issue in a rather different way. If we seek the one right view or teaching among incompatible teachings, then when we have found it the others must inevitably be wrong. Simple yoga routine 2016.

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