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Simple yoga poses on 29 These notions were elaborated by grammarian-philosophers such as Bhartrhari (6th century CE) and taken up by many tantric writers. As explained by Andre Padoux, a tantric understanding of speech (vac) might run as follows: [The] original Word, identical to the primal divine energy [sakti], is envisaged in [the] Tantric perspective as phonic energy (vaksakti), eternal, indestructible, and all-pervading, which however unfolds and evolves, bringing forth all the various aspects and stages of the cosmos. This word, this sound, is endowed with a creative force the Word precedes the object, it brings it forth, it is the energy that that upholds it, its innermost nature, that into which it will dissolve at the time of the cosmic resorption. The process of emanation, related to speech, is variously described depending upon texts and schools: however, it appears generally as unfolding from an initial luminous vibration or sound (nada), which is an extremely subtle state of pure phonic energy, which through a series of transformations and condensations will become less subtle, forming a concentrate or drop (bindu) of sound energy, from which, when it divides itself, worlds, humans and language will come forth All this, of course, being valid both on the cosmic and on the human level, and animated with a double movement: the outward movement of emanation, converting itself into a movement of return to the source.30 When explained like this it is hardly surprising to find that reflective people find such metaphysics implausible. Indeed, it is worth unpacking the theology behind this passage in detail so as to identify the many ways in which it fails as an explanation of the cosmos. In the primordial sound yoga of Bhartrhari the Sanskrt language, as the corporeal manifestation of brahman/vac, lies at the heart of the practice. Simple yoga poses 2016.

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Simple yoga poses

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