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Simple yoga moves on between the eighth and twelfth centuries CE, and most if not all are likely to have been composed much later, though some of the ideas clearly have their origins in: a) earlier Upanisadic notions of prana and nadd, and b) Pasupata Saivism (see Post 6 below). 99 Most of these texts, as presented by Ayyangar, are quite long, so my comments on them will be rather cursory, simply noting what, to me, are salient points. Advayataraka100 This Upanisad is notably advaitic in its philosophy ( brahman is saccidananda, v.2; jiva and lsvara are but the results of illusion, v.3). Kundalind is located halfway between the root support (muladhara) and the brahmarandhra (the opening at the top of the head).

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The aim of the practice, which is likened to a ferry (taraka), is to become a siddha.

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