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Simple yoga at home on 4-97, we are told how Daksa or Prajapati held a sacrifice to which Siva was not invited and no portion of the offering was reserved for him.3 In response to this slight Siva destroys the sacrifice and Daksa along with it. In commenting on the episode, Sukumari Bhattacharji writes, The anomaly is rather striking, for a Vedic god being deprived of his share in the sacrifice is simply inconceivable. Oblations to every member of the Vedic pantheon were obligatory, and Rudra is a Vedic god. Now after enjoying his rightful share of oblation for centuries Siva is suddenly denied it, and, at least in one version, is quite reconciled to it, saying that it is ordained so. This is a somewhat strange phenomenon. In every version, whether in the gods sacrifice or in Daksa s, he has to fight his way into the sacrifice; and whether at Parvati s mortification or at his own initiative has to wreak fearful vengeance on the perpetrator of the sacrifice. Simple yoga at home 2016.

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