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Simple yoga asanas on With regard to Buddhist tantra, David Snellgrove points out that There is a tendency nowadays, much promoted by Tibetan lamas who teach in the Western world, to treat references to sexual union and to forms of worship carried out with impure substances (referred to usually as the five nectars ) as symbolic. There is some justification for this but it is only part of the truth when modern apologists use the term symbolic as though to suggest that the external practices were never taken in any literal sense, they mislead us.26 Buddhists were able to incorporate many of the tantras in a manner similar to that employed by the compilers of the Mahayana Sutras: they had the Buddha teach them in celestial locations, usually on the summit of Mount Meru. Some were more difficult to accommodate, however, particularly those classified as Supreme Yoga Tantras (anuttarayoga-tantra). Often, such tantras are revealed not by the Buddha but by a fearful being with the name of Sambara, Vajradaka, Heruka, Hevajra or Candamaharosana ( Fierce and Greatly Wrathful ).27 These divinities are usually surrounded by female attendants, whose names are indicative of the socially marginal origins of their teachings. Hevajra s attendants thus include Pukkasi (the outcaste), Savari (the hill-woman), Candali (the halfcaste) and Dombi (the washerwoman). Simple yoga asanas 2016.

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