Silent Power – How to Ignite Your Mental Power

Real power that lasts cannot be found outside yourself, in a title, in a job designation, in wealth, in material possessions or in control over others. Your real power resides in your inner being or your soul. When you live your life from your soul, you experience your real power and you are fearless. This silent confidence permeates your entire being, offering you unparalleled clarity, precision and peace as you move through life. This silent power cannot be bought, borrowed or stolen from you. Once you own this silent power, it is yours forever.

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The stress of modern-day life

To bring up the subject of silence or silent power seems so unreal, considering the context of how we live life now. Modern-day life sees us so busy, rushing from one place to another. There isn’t enough time to accomplish our daily tasks. We are always so stressed and exhausted. We see lack everywhere. There aren’t enough resources to go around. There isn’t enough money to support our lifestyle. Our relationships at home and elsewhere are hard to sustain. We don’t have enough love in our life. We crave for approval from others and people disappoint us. We are fearful of so many things, disease, ill-health, ageing and death. There is danger everywhere we look. We feel more insecure and unsafe now than ever before. So many things are out of our control.

Silent Power   How to Ignite Your Mental Power

Where can you go to escape from this stressful life?

If you can afford it, you would go on a vacation, to forget your problems and to recharge your batteries. Quite often, when you return, you feel the vacation was too short or the whole trip was too tiring. However, the need to get away from it all soon returns, and the yearning for another vacation seems overdue.

Your inner sanctuary

There is another place you can go to rejuvenate, that is not far away. There is an inner world, which is also a part of your existence. This inner world is not familiar to many and therefore not visited often. Yet it is from this inner space that you create the life you experience on the outside. Inside you lies a sanctuary that provides absolute silence and peace, from the noise and frenzy of the outside world. In here, lies a treasure trove of everything that you are yearning for – peace, love, joy and contentment. All it takes is for you to tune inward to your self, be silent, still the mental chatter, let go of your fears and stress, and drink from the fountain of serenity that exists deep within you.

Silent Power   How to Ignite Your Mental Power

Time alone in silence

You can experience silence by sitting alone in your garden. Let your eyes gently notice everything around you – the plants, the flowers, the trees and the green grass. Listen to the birds chirping and talking to each other. The sky is blue and the clouds are still. Everything exists in perfection. Slowly, you are drawn inward. You feel so grateful to be alive and to be a part of God’s creation. Stay with this awesome experience. Drink it all in. Anchor these beautiful feelings within you and they will go everywhere with you.

Silence walk

You can take a walk in silence just about anywhere, anytime. You can walk in silence along the corridor of your office, on the way to a meeting or to the restroom. When you are walking anywhere, decide to walk slowly, let go of your thoughts and be aware of your breathing. Draw yourself inward into silence. Taking a silence walk does wonders to calm your mind and slow down your mental chatter and worries. Silence meal Try taking a meal in silence as often as possible. During the meal, slow down your thoughts and bring your awareness to the present moment. Take each mouthful of food slowly. Taste every ingredient in the food or drink. Slowly, you will notice that even plain water tastes delicious. Be in full appreciation of the food and drink.

This awakens all your 5 senses. The time dedicated to silence, however brief, relaxes and refreshes you in preparation for your next activity. Knowing the benefits of silence, I introduced the silence walk and the silence meal into my workshops, which were appreciated by the participants. Silence in Meditation The best way to experience deep, uninterrupted silence, is through meditation. Many of you who meditate regularly would have experienced the joys of silence and the abundant rewards silence brings.

Silent Power   How to Ignite Your Mental Power

5-day Silence Retreat

I attended a 5-day “Call-of-the-Time Experiments in Silence Retreat” last year, at the Global Retreat Centre in Oxford. The Silence Retreat, organized by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, was attended by 25 leaders from diverse professions, from all over the world. My experience was awesome! I emerged from the total silence, fully alive and exhilarated! It changed me and my perspectives of life completely! One-minute silence every hour The Brahma Kumaris, who dedicate their lives to peace, meditate a few times each day.

Silent Power   How to Ignite Your Mental Power

They also observe one minute’s silence every hour. At each centre, when they hear a song played through the loud speaker, they stop whatever they are doing, to tune inwards, remember God, and remember that they are beings of peace. Prayer 5 times a day Muslims pray 5 times a day to connect with God. Their brief prayer, tunes out everything else, to remember God in their lives. Jalaladin Rumi, the 13th century Persian poet and philosopher, described his experience of silence in the following words, “When I am silent, I fall into the place Where everything is music.”

Meditate regularly Having meditated for more than 30 years now, I can’t recommend meditation highly enough, for the lasting peace and inner stability that silence provides. Once you tune inward into silence and meditation, you will be most reluctant to leave this sanctuary. I meditate for about 15 to 30 minutes first thing every morning, and invariably, this practice ensures that my day’s activities move seamlessly until I go sleep. This inner stability is experienced externally, in everything I do. If you meditate regularly, your experience of inner peace will become stronger, until one day, peace becomes your natural state of being. When you achieve this state of being, nothing on the outside can destabilise you. You are home free!

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