Si Joint Yoga Poses

Si Joint Yoga Poses

We seem to be more interested in the “beautiful people” in life and often judge by looks rather than by deeds etc. We have been programmed by our experiences to do this. Often we give more leeway to those beautiful people; the better looking someone is the more we tend to like them.

These thoughts are carried over into our working lives as well, we judge and are judged on our appearance. However, you should not do this and not prejudge others as you would not want to be prejudged yourself merely on the way that you look.

For me in the work environment there is a fine line to be walked here. We need to project the professional image for our job without feeling uncomfortable and out of place in the image that we project. We need to strike a balance. However, we need to maximize our image to ensure that we project the image that we want, just as advertisers do and also ensure that we sell our other attributes to the working world too.

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Here are my tips on this subject that will work for you and others:

• Be as fit as you can. Take the advice of taking daily exercise, there is plenty of information out there but you need to take action.

• Eat and drink healthily. Again there is plenty of information on this, check with your doctor. Generally you need your five a day vegetables/fruit and drink plenty of water.

• Wear the best clothes that you can afford. Try and get made to measure clothing if you can afford it or buy the best quality off the peg clothes that you can.

• Be clean part 1. Show that you care about your clothes and your body.

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