Sexual Yoga Poses For Couples

Sexual Yoga Poses For Couples

Outer Side of Heel

Also Below Ankle Bone Moving Toward Mid Foot on Outside



• Outer side of the heel and just forward of the heel bone.

• Below ankle bone as far forward (on the outside of the foot) as the base of the 5th metatarsal styloid process and as far back as directly below the back edge of the ankle bone.

• Pain is usually on the side, but sometimes is felt on the bottom of the foot in the same area.

• A general achy feeling.

• This comes on gradually and a specific place is sometimes difficult to locate.

• Usually present with everyday walking.

• Usually the pain does not prevent yoga/walking. But after a workout, the foot may be sore. At the beginning, the area may be sore and may take a few minutes to warm up.

• Sharper, more intense pain indicates another injury – especially if pain comes from deep inside the foot or ankle.

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• Pain in this area after a mild ankle sprain is normal. If you suffered a painful sprain, have a doctor look into this.

• The peroneal tendons yoga from the back of the bottom of the outer ankle bone to the styloid process of the 5th metatarsal and just behind the 5th metatarsal, wrapping under the outside of the foot.

• The pain does not need to be reproduced along this tendon by touching to indicate this injury.

• Sometimes the ligaments that connect the cuboid bone to the others become irritated/injured. This bone is the high point of what is called the lateral arch and it receives significant stress when yoga. The sensation is similar to a sprain.

• Pain reproduced at the tip of the ankle bone is not this injury.

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