Seated Yoga Poses For Beginners

Seated Yoga Poses For Beginners

• If the pain is ever sharp, piercing, or if swelling is noted, see a doctor and stop training.

• Recovery will take a little longer without rest, but it should improve steadily.

• Other Yoga Injuries in this location can be more serious including stress fractures and torn tendons. If there is any possibility of these other conditions, see a doctor immediately.

Inside of Foot At Ankle Bone


• The pain is noticed along the inside of the foot at the ankle bone yoga forward for an inch or two. It can be located anywhere in this region.

• In many cases the pain is experienced only on the inside of the foot half way forward. Another site may be near the ankle bone. Pain will often be in a specific area.

• Pain may also travel underneath the inside of the foot and feel very deep.

• Sometimes this condition may be mistaken for a sore inner ankle bone.

• At first, there is a gradual increase in pain, starting during a single run/walk. A sudden increase in pain in this area often indicates a more serious injury.

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• If the pain began as an ankle sprain, it is not this injury.

• The sensation is more of an achiness with general soreness. Again, if there is sharp pain, see a doctor.

• It is felt when the foot is flat and pushing off.

• Mild cases can be relieved by walking on the outside of the foot. But eventually, this will not help because the injured tendon is working very hard to hold the foot on the outer edge. This will cause the injury to progress.

• Rest allows the pain to diminish, but everyday walking can bring it back.

• Sometimes cramping or muscle spasm may occur along the inside of the foot or just underneath the inside. This may be at night or when weight is off the foot for a few minutes.

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