Scorpion Pose Yoga

Scorpion Pose Yoga

Me? Well I just take it as part of the job. In fact I find it funny in many ways. One day we are told something is a huge delay and write this up. The next week we are then told that actually this is all the Contractor’s fault and not something we can use. It reminds me of the old joke “I used to be indecisive but now I am not too sure”. I chuckle to myself each time it happens, I do not want to have long drawn out discussions with others unless they give me something to help me.

The difference in my colleague and my attitudes to the same information appear to be entirely different.

My attitude is that this is just new information (dance, dance) and I am going to enjoy my working day come what may (more dancing, a quick chasse there) and when I leave work at 5.30pm then I will leave the saga behind (smooth glide and smile).

At work I have learned to dance in the rain? How about you? Or are you a nervous flyer in the workplace?

How can you change your attitude to ensure that you can dance in the rain?

What a lovely picture! Something we all dream of, finding someone and loving them until literally death do us part.

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