Scorpion Pose Yoga Journal

Scorpion Pose Yoga Journal

• With mild cases, a couple of days of rest and icing can usually get the healing started. Training is usually possible afterward if one stays below the threshold of further irritation.

• When there is a recurrent or difficult problem, a good physical therapy package should involve extensive evaluation of the hip to investigate why there is extra stress on the hip flexors.

• Continuous pain that does not seem to heal after extensive conservative care often turns out to be arthritis. Decreased ability to turn the hip in or out is a clue.

• Early rest is recommended, but if the problem persists or mistakes were made in the early stages, extended rest may be the only way to avoid pain.

• Many runners have trained through months of pain in this area. This often increases the time needed for healing. Even if there is no increase in pain or injury, it is wise to get a good diagnosis. Cease training if there is significant pain, or the pain increases. Continuous irritation of a tendon can cause it to develop a form of scarring called tendinosis that is very difficult to heal. Other therapies can be performed during this time to improve the healing process. Some of these are risky and should be considered carefully.

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• Ignoring the pain and avoiding treatment can increase the damage and create a resistant long-term problem. Competitive athletes may need at least a year, in many cases, to get back to previous conditioning.

Butt Muscle Pain from the Waist to the Lower Fold in the Butt GLUTEAL PAIN AND PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME

• This “pain in the butt” can be located below the waist down to the fold where the gluteus muscles meet the back of the thigh. Laterally, it can hurt anywhere from the outer hip bone (greater trochanter) to the tail bone.

• Commonly there is a deep, achy pain that sometimes spreads downward into the back of the thigh. It can originate from the area behind the outer hip bone (greater trochanter) toward the middle of the gluteal area. It rarely becomes a sharper pain.

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