Scale Pose Yoga

Scale Pose Yoga

I just loved this picture that I found on Pinterest and it struck me that this would just entice children to eat the strawberries and cream. We do this to encourage children to eat the right things and make food fun. However, was we get older food gets less fun and although there might be great presentations of food at restaurants and places they are rarely as fun for adults as this.

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There is also a lesson to learn here in our working lives too. When we were children if our parents etc. made things fun or showed an interest we would gladly follow them. Even it was clearing up the toys into the box, if our parents asked for help or made a game of it we would be there with enthusiasm firing on all cylinders.

Think about how you could make work “fun”. It is a great motivator to do that and I would suggest that you apply this to the tasks that you find more onerous.

I have mentioned before that I have a list of about ten to twelve things on a shorthand spiral notepad each day of things to do. Some of these things are pretty easy, maybe just booking a ticket for something and others may be more onerous like making “that” phone call that I do not want to make. However, by having a list to start crossing things off makes it fun. I love to see the lines going through the tasks to do during the day. I always try and do the most onerous task first then the others seem easy by comparison too.

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