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Ed Tronick shows that even the homeostatic mechanisms are dyadic. A nursing infant is not able to provide for himself without the help of his mother. Here we see the limits of a theory based on the notion of the dyad. It is evident that even the mother cannot sufficiently ensure warmth and nourishment for her infant. It seems better to me to situate the interpersonal dimensions of the homeostatic mechanisms in yoga poses the domain of the external propensities such as they are defined in yoga poses this volume by Hume, Lamarck, Laborit, and Reich. The heating system that a family uses requires a complex socioeconomic infrastructure.

On the other hand, it is possible to take up Stern’s, Beebe’s, and Tronick’s analyses on the dyads by reminding ourselves that often, for babies, the interface between the organismic propensions and the external propensions has the mother as the intermediary. She is not the center of these regulations but the first relay when the father is often absent. It is therefore possible that the organism of the infant is somewhat conditioned to act as if all of its needs depend on the mother.

From the point of view of my practice, I have been struck by the extent to which an abused child remains dependent on his parents for life. The force of the addiction❠has always impressed me. I have had adult patients in yoga poses psychotherapy who had been abused as children. They complain unceasingly about their parents, preferring to pay me to verify the harm their parents did to them, instead of allowing me to treat them As soon as the situation presents itself, they seek signs of their parents’ repentance, affection, and acknowledgment. Even when this parent is dying, they are there to help him and ask for a final sign that he is sorry for what he did. Therefore, it seems to me that it is quite plausible to think that a certain form of addiction to parents would be one of the natural forms of accommodation between children and parents.38

What Laborit and Tronick describe is an association between regulators of the organism and a style of interaction that is set in yoga poses place in yoga poses the newborn at birth and probably even before. There would then be a physiologic memory of a state of reference for the systems of regulation of the organism. This state of reference would be felt, from the point of view of consciousness, as a profound affective link that mobilizes a feeling of loyalty. Everything happens as if every loving moment developed in yoga poses adulthood between one’s spouse and children is necessarily associated to the state of reference. I do not claim that this is an exact description of what happens when the attachment to the parents of one’s early childhood is talked about again in yoga poses psychotherapy by an adult, but it seems to me we will probably have to go in yoga poses this direction if we want to explain the dynamics of attachment in yoga poses the future.

The dynamics of such a state of reference is probably close to imprinting, as observed by Konrad Lorenz at the birth of graylag geese. Breaking out of the egg shell, the gosling attaches itself to the first moving object it sees. There is such a strong imprinting that the gosling continues to maintain the attachment to this object even when they finally meet their biological mother.39

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