Is It Safe to Exercise During Pregnancy?

Is it safe for me to work out now?

Not just ultra safe but ultra recommended that you start working out now, if you haven’t already, or were having a particularly bad time during T1. The key is to start with small steps, keep the workout to a small duration of twenty-thirty minutes, and at all times stay in the comfortable but not lazy zone. Working out under the supervision of an experienced and well-informed trainer is especially useful during this time and worth the investment. Babies of mommies who exercise are born leaner and with a better immune system.

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Work out up to three to five days a week depending on your comfort level, and keep the activity levels high through the day. Stand for three minutes for every thirty minutes of sitting, walk around the office / home as often as you can, or go for a light walk of twenty minutes every day.

Not exercising and sitting around, or worse, lying around all day will reduce your insulin sensitivity, reduce the anabolic stimuli (protein synthesis and assimilation) and make you vulnerable to developing hormonal imbalances. The risk of gestational diabetes or post-delivery thyroid is especially high if you are unfit / inactive. So every little step counts.

Moreover, exercise also means better blood circulation, better digestion, and it has a natural hypotensive (blood pressure reducing) effect too. So move, don’t sit, you are pregnant, not sick.

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