Sacred Waters Yoga Meredith

Sacred Waters Yoga Meredith


1. A highly developed human biofield can alter the properties of materials and the functioning of devices so as to reveal deeper levels of nature not anticipated from our normal, everyday observations. The radiations from such levels of nature pass through materials that are optically opaque to EM radiations in the visible range.

2. Non-EM emissions from the biofields of normal humans, when modulated by their attention and directed intention, can enhance or not enhance electron microavalanches in a simple gas discharge device, depending upon the actual focus of the humans’ intention.

3. Some humans emit bursts of subtle energy from various body chakras; and via a subtle energy/electrical energy conversion process involving the acupuncture meridian system, large voltage pulses appear both on the body and at sites remote from the body.

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4. When focusing on the heart with loving intent, the human EKG becomes harmonic at the baroreflex frequency, 0.14 hertz, where the heart entrains the brain, and simultaneously all the other major electrophysiological systems of the body. In this heart-entrainment mode of functioning, body-chemical production becomes healthier, and focused intent can psychokinetically influence molecular structures both inside and outside the body.

5. Most young children perceive both EM and subtle energies. Lens and prism experiments indicate that the latter travel at velocities, v>c, the EM light velocity, and speed up on entering denser matter.

6. Dowsing is a natural human body response mechanism for those who give it meaning, wherein the unconscious communicates valuable information to the conscious via involuntary small muscle movements or the creation of localized heat patterns.

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