Running Tips For Weight Loss

Running Tips For Weight Loss

The basic concept behind The Cactus Plan is this: It’s very healthy to fill up on a variety of nutrient-rich plant foods: whole grains, colorful fruits and vegetables, nuts, and beans (and other legumes). And to use oils from plants for dressings and in cooking. Why? Because plants have heart-helping fats, fiber, and those chemicals that can help prevent diseases (phytochemicals; see here).

But even though we’re emphasizing eating lots of plant foods, The Cactus Plan allows us plenty of servings of a variety of nutrient-rich animal foods if we choose: 1 percent low-fat and skim milk, low-fat or nonfat yogurt and low-fat or nonfat cheese, and poultry, fish and other seafood, and eggs.


The Cactus Plan, in honor of long-term health considerations, recommends that you vary your choices in the LEAN ANIMAL PROTEIN group. Eggs and lean red meat should be eaten in moderation. Also, there are suggested limits on how much and how often we should eat certain specific fish because of possible mercury contamination. Do read and follow government guidelines posted in your grocery store and/or on food packaging.

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Questions? Call the USFDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition information line: 1-888-SAFEFOOD. Or call your local health department to find out what fish should be limited.

NOTE: There are special recommendations for pregnant women (see here).


If you don’t eat animal foods, be sure to talk to a doctor or registered dietitian about appropriate plant substitutions for animal foods, how to vary these substitutions effectively so that you get enough of the right kinds of nutrients, and whether or not you should take calcium or multi – vitamin/multimineral supplements.

The same goes if you can’t tolerate dairy foods and other foods with lactose in them. Your doctor can help you come up with a strategy to make sure you get enough calcium. Lactose intolerance and vegetarian plans are explained in chapters 3 and 9 of this book.

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