Who is at risk for fatty liver?

Since the fatty liver disease is caused by the accumulation of fats in the liver, people who are overweight or obese are the ones who are at risk for this disease. However, people who have or are experiencing these factors, may also be at risk:

Consuming large amounts of alcohol or those who drink every night

Taking more than the recommended dose of over the counter medications

Type 2-diabetes


Metabolic syndrome

High cholesterol

High triglyceride levels

If you somehow have, even at least one of these factors, it is important that you get yourself checked. The earlier it is diagnosed, the less the damage would be. Here are the ways that fatty liver is diagnosed.

Physical exam. If your liver is already enlarged or inflamed, your doctor can easily detect it by just inspecting your abdomen. If you are also specific about your history, like if you know if you’ve been tired more than usual or that you have lost your appetite and if you have been consuming more alcohol lately, that will help your doctor better diagnose your condition.

Blood tests. A blood test can also determine liver enzymes that are higher than usual. This does not automatically mean that you have a fatty liver, but it can be a good indicator.

Ultrasound. Getting an ultrasound will easily let you and your doctor know the amount of fat you have in your liver. The fat will be represented by a white color on the image. Although it will be able to gauge how much fat you have in the liver, ultrasound will not help in confirming any possible damage.

Liver biopsy. This is the most sure-fire way to know if you have a fatty liver. In a liver biopsy, a thin needle will be inserted into your liver to detach a liver tissue that will be used for examination. The good thing about having a liver biopsy is that it will also let you and your doctor know the sure cause of your fatty liver.

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