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I don’t agree with fad diets or trends and, while I like to eat as unprocessed as possible, I do think society has taken this to extreme when describing white pasta and rice as processed foods. My description of a processed food is something that is high in fat and sugar, and provides no nutritional value apart from energy. Although I prefer to prepare my meals from scratch as much as possible, when I’m particularly busy, I refuse to beat myself up if I have to turn to something a little more convenient.

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I tend to eat little and often rather than large meals. I’m vegetarian, so I try to vary my protein choice throughout the day.

Rihanna Performance dietician McGregor has a degree in biochemistry and post-graduate degree in dietetics and applied sports nutrition. She works with GB wheelchair fencing, GB wheelchair basketball and professional athletes, and is the author of Training Food and Orthorexia: When Healthy Eating Goes Bad (Nourish Books, £10.99 and £8.99, respectively); reneemcgregor.com.

Rihanna Diet Plan


‘I love toast, so I tend to have two slices of seeded granary toast, one with almond butter and one with butter and honey. At weekends, I might have eggs and avocado as a topping instead. I love bread and find this choice gives me sustained energy throughout the morning, leaving me satisfied until lunchtime. I also drink two mugs of black coffee.’


‘If I’m on the road with athletes, I tend to have oatcakes with houmous and salad, as they are portable and convenient to eat at any time.

If I’m working from home, I’ll most likely prepare homemade soup, such as sweet potato and lentil or mixed bean and vegetable. I follow this with a cup of rooibos tea and a couple of squares of chocolate; I love chocolate and believe in eating in moderation. This way, I rarely crave foods.’ Dinner ‘Loads of vegetables, some vegetarian protein and carbohydrate. I may have a tangy tofu stir-fry with noodles, chickpea and vegetable curry with rice or veggie sausage casserole with a baked sweet potato. I follow this with Greek yoghurt and frozen berries, and again, a cup of rooibos tea before I go to bed.’ ‘I also make sure I eat at least three or four portions of dairy every day to ensure optimal bone health.

Although I don’t drink milk, I do eat a lot of yoghurt and include cheese most days.’ Workout secrets ‘If I’ve been training, I usually need a snack in the afternoon to keep me going until dinner. This may be a Trek bar – my favourite is Cocoa Chaos (£2.69 for 3 x 55g; waitrose.com) – some oatcakes with nut butter or Greek yoghurt and fruit. I’ll also have a cup of rooibos tea.

The combination of carbs and protein helps maintain my energy and concentration. We all feel more sleepy in the afternoon due to our circadian rhythms, and the protein in this snack helps keep me alert. ‘If I get injured, in general, I try to make sure I maintain a good balance of nutrients – perhaps slightly smaller portions – and ensure I get as many colours into my diet as possible to meet macronutrient and micronutrient requirements.’ Super supplements ‘The only supplement I take is vitamin D, and that’s because I have extremely low levels. When they fall to a particular level, I can instantly tell as I become extremely fatigued and suffer form increased muscle fatigue and soreness.

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