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Since the physical body of the individual who has realised Brahman, Revolved Half Moon Yoga Pose the supreme principle of unity, persists, then why don’t the fruits of his actions, pious or evil, accrue to him? This is answered in the following verse: The fruits of deeds, whether pious or otherwise, arise from the attachment to false knowledge, for harmful is the defilement of association, like the association of a thief with one who is not a thief.

The fruits of pious and impious deeds, like the Revolved Half Moon Yoga Pose performance of the aivamedha sacrifice or the killing of a brahmin, cling to the individual being due to his attachment to false concepts such as I am equipped with a physical body,or the performance of sacrifices such as the nsvamcdhn is my means to attain good results.

Thus the attachment to the false knowledge of the not-self as the Self called spiritual ignorance is preceeded by the knowledge of the Self in the not-self called intellectual ignorance, and causes the accumulation of the fruits of deeds, pious and otherwise, in the fettered individual.

Such an individual being is subject to worldly misery because of his constant association with false knowledge. It might also be asked how can the individual being, who is essentially of the nature of Brahman, become a fettered being? The reply has been indicated in the verse by the words beginning with harmful that occur in the phrase harmful is the defilement of association.

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