Reverse Prayer Pose Yoga

Reverse Prayer Pose Yoga

I used to worry when people left my life when I did not want them to. For some reason I wanted them to change their minds. However I now think differently and it is very invigorating. A couple of thoughts on this that will help you in your working life.

Firstly, it is YOUR life that you are living, not someone else’s. You cannot “force” people to do your bidding. Be happy that you have the choice to be in other people’s lives and that they have chosen to be in yours.

Even for a marriage you have a choice. I choose to be with my wife; I love her and want to share my life with her. However, I also accept that it is entirely her choice to be with me, to share her life with me, is all down to her thoughts and actions.

It is like the Sting song “If you love somebody set them free”, you cannot grant freedom to people in your life as they already have the freedom to come and go in your life.

I am not a religious man but I am fascinated by life. You are travelling on your own life path and it is amazing to me that as I need people in my life they just appear as if by magic. This always happens, lessons are learned and help just arrives. Therefore there is nothing to worry about.

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