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Because you’re about to get a lot busier… Oh, we love this time of year. Hot chocolate, comfort food (or a rag pudding if you’re Lancashire-born Look staffer Lucy Devine). But, for the sake of balancing the healthy (apples) with the unhealthy (toffee apples, anyone?), we asked Holland & Barrett nutritionist Elizabeth Wall how to do this party season the right way. And still have fun, obvs.

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Here’s all you need to know:

● Don’t go to a party on an empty stomach. Eat a wholesome breakfast and lunch on the day you’re set to party. Ideally, have a healthy high-protein snack beforehand to help buffer the effect of alcohol.

● Moderation is key. It’s no fun if you feel you are depriving yourself while everyone else around you is indulging during the festive season, so treat yourself to what you fancy. But, of course, protein-heavy options are best. Duh.

● Choose your tipple. If (!) enjoying a sociable drink during the party period, remember that red wine contains antioxidants good for the heart. And if you’re a white wine fan, add soda to replace some of the hydration alcohol removes.

● Clear spirits are technically lower in calories in comparison to beer and wine. But it’s easier to drink more and end up eating a burger – so weigh that up.


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