We need joint mobility to address the fluid exchange in our spine to reduce the swelling that happens naturally as a result of injuring a disc.

The swelling itself becomes an ancillary issue, which can irritate nerves already adversely affected by the herniated disc.

This in turn can cause greater pain across several structures, which further increases immobilization of the area. Regardless of the pain, regardless of how slightly it can be moved, unless a doctor advises us otherwise, we need to move the area so we can reabsorb the swelling and get to the root of the issue with further joint mobility exercise.


Everyone has to eat and what you choose to eat can have the most profound effect on your health and the health of your children. Repeated research articles have proven that it doesn’t matter when, how much, or at what age you expose your infant to gluten in the expression of celiac disease and NCGS. In addition to baby cereals, jarred baby foods run rampant on the shelves of United States grocery stores. In fact, American babies consume an average of 600 jars of baby food before the age of one, which is three times the amount of baby food compared to European babies. Some baby food manufacturers do use suitable ingredients which can be acceptable choices for your baby, however we advise against making jarred baby food a staple that is regularly implemented in your baby’s diet. These types of foods are highly processed so they tend to have tastes and textures that are unlike the natural source of the particular food. When a baby is only accustomed to purees, he/she may find it difficult to enjoy and transition to unprocessed versions of proteins and vegetables.

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