Relaxing Yoga Poses

Relaxing Yoga Poses

The current project I am working on I am working closely with a colleague and we are carrying out investigations into delays on a certain part of a huge construction project.

Basically we interview people, check out the facts (documents etc.) of what they tell us and then write this into a report to seek recompense from the Employer. We are really in search of reasons for delay, as on construction projects if the Contractor is late with no reason then it pays a hefty penalty.

However, the project is still on-going and the people we need to interview are not able to devote time to help our investigations as we would like. Therefore we get some facts, interpret them and then return for verification. Often our interpretations have proved to be incorrect or need modification.

This is just the position we have been placed in. We grab small interview times and then make the best of what we have. We are learning to dance in the rain.

However, my colleague is often shattered by any disappointment or inconsistent information. He does not like to do something that then proves to be incorrect or require modification. He likes to discuss this at length.

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