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Relaxing meditation on So the new, Grounded yoga seeks to develop a congruence between body, mind, breath, feeling and, perhaps, individuals and societies, and it aims to be based on the best knowledge that we can currently access. Returning, now, to the issues I mentioned earlier history and metaphysics we can ask the questions what kind of picture do our best investigations into the history of yoga paint for us? and how can we best evaluate the metaphysical frameworks (the theories) within which yoga practice has evolved? Yoga, as we encounter it in the ancient texts, is Indian through and through. At the same time, Indians, like people from all other cultures, are human beings and share characteristics that are universal across cultures. So whilst Indian ideas and practices might seem somewhat strange we can also recognize them as typically human ideas and practices. For example, Indian mysticisms and western mysticisms have much in common. They are based on the idea that you do not have to wait for pie-in-the-sky until you die; it is available here and now. So we can recognize what Indian mystics are up to, and we might even conclude that they do it more effectively than our home-grown western ones. Relaxing meditation 2016.

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