Relaxation Yoga Workout and Meditation for Beginners

I am going to show you a posture from restorative yoga (relaxation yoga). Sit on your mat and place a bolster behind your back. Take a belt – one side with two loops and the other side with a strap. Strap it through the loops and then back again through one loop The more you pull, the tighter it gets then you can loosen it by pulling on the other side. Take the strap around and on to the lower part of your back Right at the tip of the tail of your spine.

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Bring the soles of the feet together and then loop the belt around the soles. So, you are connecting from the hip to the feet and then, tighten. Bolster right at the back. Open up the knees and then, slowly… relax.

Allow the spine to be completely on the bolster. following the natural length of the spine, you can inhale, reach the arms up and the exhale, relax the palms You are not forcing or pulling the palms, you are letting them just sink towards the ground to open up the shoulders. Feel the knees gently resting on the ground If your knees are slightly up, that is absolutely fine Let them relax, you are not forcing them down you are letting them fall towards the ground. Stay here as long as you like (this is great for relaxation yoga).

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