The second session starts with the whole body massage. Afterwards the giving partner moves into the second part of the relaxation teach-in.

The giver states what he is going to do thus: ‘I want you now to start to switch your arms to relax” at will -not by first feeling tense so that you can subsequently relax. You are going to switch your muscles to relax. Let them feel heavy, and when you have mastered this just nod to me and I will check.

Pendulum breathing is now started and after 10 breaths the giver says, ‘I’m waiting for the signal’ (words from the taker are best not encouraged as they tend to start conversations). Once the signal is given the giver checks for the wobbly feel of the relaxed muscle. To start with this may only be a partial wobbliness, in which case the giving partner says, ‘Let it go, let it go heavy – carry on with your breathing in -in breathing into out – I want no pauses, keep the sounds the same. Eventually the muscles, first one group, then the other, will relax. (It is usual for right handed people to find it harder to relax this right hand side than the left. For this reason in the relaxation teach-in the giver starts with the opposite side to the handedness of the body.)

Once the relaxed state of the arms is reached, both partners lie relaxed together and practise pendulum breathing for 10 minutes.


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