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Relaxation meditation on By contrast, the hypothetico-deductive method is unnatural and it requires considerable discipline to employ it;52 3. under the heading of The Logical Mind Dunbar claims that Science s success hinges on a very rigorous application of the principles of logical deduction and the meticulous testing of hypotheses We find it hard to sustain that rigour because we do not naturally think in these ways. 53 These unnatural ways of gaining understanding are characteristic of what Dunbar calls explanatory science. This is the kind of science that Wolpert writes about. It is the kind of science that is responsible for the rapid development in our understanding of the universe over the past 200 or so years, and it is quite different from cookbook/empirical science both in its high-level and its low-level forms. Dunbar gave the lectures on which this book is based to a class of undergraduates who were studying Anthropology and I wonder whether this distorted his thinking. Why might that be the case? Well, for many years there has been a rift between the natural and the social sciences in terms of their dominant paradigms or overall frameworks. Relaxation meditation 2016.

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