Relaxation and Meditation Techniques

BRAHMACHARYA-Non-Sensuality Mental non-sensuality

“Becoming the master of One’s creative force. ”

“The power to create other human beings and creativity to solve all the problems we encounter. ”

“We are all a part of life and not apart from it. ”

Verbal non-sensuality “We need to be both a good listener and a good speaker. ”

“Our choice of words not only affects our consciousness but others ’ consciousness as well. ” Physical non-sensuality

“This energy is experienced as sexual in nature. ”

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“Repressing any part of human nature can be as much violence as applying no control or discipline at all. ”

APARIGRAHA-Non-Greed Mental non-greed

“We collect memories to help make better decisions about how to behave in the present, in order to create a future we desire. ”

“The more information we have in our minds, defining who we are, the less freedom we have to be anything else. ”

“Only take into our consciousness that which is needed. ”

Verbal non-greed

“We should speak only when it is an improvement on silence. ”

“Clear and succinct communication, and good listening. ”

“Life is talking; life is teaching. Become quiet enough inside to hear. ”

Physical non-greed

“What is the difference between need and greed? ”

“If we have something, it also has us. ”

“What do we really need beyondfood, shelter, and clothing? ”

NIYAMA SAUCHA-Purity Mental purity

“Holding the mind to thoughts and feelings which inspire contentment, peace, and compassion. ”

“If the mind is diffused or scattered, it is no longer pure. ”

“When our thoughts create peace and equanimity, this is an expression ofpurity. ”

Verbal purity

“Respect for the power of words, both as a means of communication and for the effects they can have on others. ”

“Angry and derogatory speech does not generate peace or harmony. ”

“A clear picture in the mind is necessary for clear communication. ”

Physical purity

“Cleanliness of not only the outer body but the inner body as well. ”

“AMA, or undigested matter in the digestive system, is the root of all disease according to Ayurveda. ”

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