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Yoga corporations and proletarians

Today the yoga product is mainly offered as classes held in either corporate gyms or small specialised yoga studios. This is where most modern yoga new comers will encounter yoga63. Most gyms are run by major corporations. They respond to the huge demand for fitness in larger metropolitan areas. Typically 3-6 times a week they offer yoga classes, mostly outside peak hours.

The gym employs freelance yoga instructors. If classes do not attract enough students the teacher is swiftly replaced. The gyms recruit young, inexperienced and often marginalised personnel. They drift from job to job in this low paid market. In some areas there is an oversupply of prospective instructors as a range of yoga schools (i.e. successful studios with renowned owners) have been pumping out trained yoga teachers for some years now. This will over time worsen the situation for the freelance yoga worker.

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