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Relax yoga book for Sandstone or clay slopes and flats, NW, SW Clanwilliam toElim. Romulea hirta Schlechter Plants mostly cm high corm rounded at base, with curved acuminate teeth. Leaves three to six, basal, suberect or curved, four-winged, H-shaped in cross section with two broad lateral grooves, the wings sometimes hairy or crisped, mm diam. Flowers pale yellow, sometimes with obscure chestnut blotches at the edge of the cup, tepals mm long, elliptical, filaments mm long, anthers mm long bracts with narrow, usually brown-spotted, membranous margins, inner bracts with brownish membranous margins. Fruiting peduncles recurved or suberect. Flowering July-September. Damp dolerite and clay flats, RV, NW Bokkeveld Mountains and Calvinia to Sutherland, and northern Cedarberg Mountains. Relax yoga book photos, Relax yoga book 2016.

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