Reiki And Chakra Balancing

‘I’ve always been interested in chakras, reiki and energy healing – but in March 2016, when a friend started a reiki, energy-healing and chakra-balancing practice (Infinity Expressions;, I finally made an appointment. ‘My reiki therapist Anashree Hansjee started with a consultation, asking how I was feeling and whether anything specific was bothering me. Then she began her energy-balancing work. I lay on the bed and Anashree used a combination of essential oils, gem stones and touch therapy to channel energy through me. This channelling activates the natural healing process for anything that’s out of balance in the body.

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‘What was so amazing about that first appointment was how Anashree told me things about myself that were mind-blowing. Her insights were accurate, even though I’d never confided these things in her. Afterwards, I felt lighter – and I had the best night’s sleep I’d had in months. ‘Reiki is a form of alternative medicine that uses touch healing to transfer “universal energy” through the body, to help bring emotional or physical healing. My therapist also includes chakra balancing: the balancing of what I believe to be the psychic-energy centres in the body. ‘Reiki involves the healing of not just the body and mind, but also of the spirit. We tend to take in other people’s energy without even realising it. Simple things such as hearing about your friend’s break-up can unconsciously influence desires, wishes, thoughts and moods.

You don’t need to be battling with a specific memory, trauma or pain for reiki to be helpful. For example, I just felt “stuck”, and I didn’t understand what this meant or how to deal with it. ‘I go for reiki sessions every six to eight weeks. Since making it a part of my life, I’ve learnt that not everything needs a reaction. My main goal is to ensure my energy and aura remain clear of negativity. I’ve also learnt to let go more – that we don’t have control over the bad things that happen to us, but we do control the amount of attention and energy we’re willing to give to them when they do happen. Most importantly, I’ve learnt to be more mindful, and to be present in each moment. In a world filled with deadlines, e-mails and social media notifications, mindfulness is something we all need more of.’ Find certified reiki practitioners at

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