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I have never heard of any diet program that mentioned what to do about losing control of your eating. The loss of control over eating that dieters experience is the single most important factor responsible for dieters’ rebound. Rebound may happen at any time during the weight loss or maintenance. Remember, when dieters go out of control their cravings go straight to foods that will efficiently store fat because fat is what their bodies need.

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The reason diet programs don’t talk about the loss-of-control phenomenon is because they are only in the weight loss business. Staying in control during the diet and maintaining the weight loss is your problem Have you ever thought about why the TV diet commercials are all about “I lost so many pounds?” I lost 50 pounds. I lost 85 pounds. I lost 66 pounds. No one talks about how long they’ve been able to stay there. Once in a while you’ll hear someone say “And I kept it off!” Really? For three months? Or six months? It doesn’t mean anything.

When I was a freshman in college, I lost about 30 pounds by starving myself spring semester. I looked great. I felt good, too. Right afer that diet success, we went to California, to the beach, for a family reunion. It was fun, running around on the sandy streets, eating chocolate-covered bananas. Everything was fine right up to dinnertime the first night. We had pork chops prepared with apples. I ate fifteen of them I became so sick that my mother almost took me to the ER. If a psychologist had been there, I would have been instantly diagnosed as psychologically disturbed or food addicted. To tell the truth though, I just went post-diet feasting crazy. I lost control—on pork chops, of all things! But wait! Those pork chops were drenched in brown sugar and butter. That was the beginning of the end of my 30-pound weight loss. I gained it all back by the end of the summer.

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