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Intersubjectivity is a need for shared experiences, a desire to be understood and to be able to share experiences with others. Even if it is in yoga poses fact impossible to share one’s experiences with others, the desire is there, it is innate, and it is powerful.14 It is therefore yet another necessary illusion. This illusion reinforces the need to intensify the exchange of information between two organisms. When this desire constructs itself in yoga poses a harmonious relationship, it allows each one to better understand oneself and the other. According to Daniel Stern, it is a system of motivation essential for the survival of the species that permits the construction of diverse forms of attachment like those that establish themselves in yoga poses a love relationship. When a love relationship dies out, the protagonists often discover that the intersubjective impression was mostly an illusion. For example, the parents of a drug-addicted adolescent discover that they never understood him Most of the time, the extinction of tender feelings and the intersubjective illusion that accompanies it is preceded by a lowering of the intensity of exchanges between the organisms involved.

Even if intersubjectivity is often associated with Daniel Stern’s work, other researchers, like Andrew Meltzoff and Colwyn Trevarthen, have also developed the notion in yoga poses an interesting way.

The Nonconscious Regulations of Muhammad Ali

In 1997, Stern gave an account of what he saw by analyzing, image by image, a boxing match between Mohammed Ali (or Cassius Clay) and Al Mindenberger.

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