Rabbit Pose Yoga Journal

Rabbit Pose Yoga Journal

• The tendons on the top of the foot pull up on the toes and lift the ankle upward. They prevent the foot from slapping onto the ground when the heel makes contact.

• They function very well when the foot is straight. If the foot is tilted outwardly (supinated) or inwardly (pronated) the load and demand is increased on individual tendons. Usually the force is divided evenly through all of them.

• Tendons become overworked when they are pushed harder than the current level of conditioning, even if the foot is straight. This is usually due to going longer, faster, or yoga too many fast runs during a short period.

• The pain is caused by irritation of the tendon tissue, inflammation of the sheaths they slide through, and is sometimes due to the shoe pressing on them.

• Shoe laces can damage the tendons at the ankle crease and fibrous tissue can form a bump in this area.

• The most common cause is too much supination or pronation. This overloads the outer or inner tendons, they fatigue and then become damaged.

• A mileage increase, particularly too quickly without enough rest between workouts.

This is more likely to be the cause if the pain is directly on top or in the direction of the big toe.

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• yoga hilly terrain more than in the recent past.

• Calf muscles that are unusually tight. This makes it harder to lift the ankle in front. Shortening the stride can reduce the irritation.

• yoga with a stride that is too long.

• yoga on a soft or irregular surface.

• Wearing high heels is a cause for women, because the key tendons can become overworked. Tight calf muscles are often the result of wearing such shoes.

• Pressure on the tendons due to the lacing of a shoe, or the design of the shoe. The ankle crease is a key pressure area.

• Lacing the shoes too tightly at the ankle or too far up the ankle.

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