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Quick yoga poses on For most Hindu schools, as well as the Jains, that entity is understood as some kind of self (atman or jiva), whereas for the Buddhists the entity is an illusion the karma is all there is. The central concern of all schools of yoga is the termination of this process, which is regarded as inherently unsatisfactory or painful (duhkha). The most common terms employed to refer to the termination of samsara are moksa (release), nirvana (extinction or cooling) and kaivalya (isolation or aloneness). All schools use the term moksa on occasions, though the preferred term for Buddhists is nirvana and for Jains kaivalya. These preferences reflect something of the metaphysics of each school. For the Jains, release is understood as the separation of the jiva from everything that is not itself, namely ajiva. For the Buddhists, release is understood as the eradication or extinction of the craving and ignorance that fuel samsara, whilst for Hindus of the Vedanta school it is understood as either a realization of cosmic oneness, a merger of the individual self with god or the attainment of proximity to god by the individual self. Quick yoga poses 2016.

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