Quick Weight Loss Tips And Tricks

Quick Weight Loss Tips And Tricks

The Cactus Plan is food and physical activity guidelines basically represented by a (labeled) drawing of a cactus, a sun, a moonand a rainbow.

The drawing of this cactus, sunning itself under the sun, dozing under the moon, and sitting within view of a rainbow, can loosely represent you: also an organic being on planet Earth.

The Cactus Plan describes, in pictures, words, and numbers, one very good strategy for staying hydrated (having enough fluid on board), nourishing your body, sustaining your energy, keeping your energy (calorie) intake in balance with your activity level, and feeling emotionally strong by staying connected with people you love and trust and asking for help when you need it.

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The future health of your heart and body is also carefully considered and built into The Cactus Plan, along with enhancing your chances of avoiding certain common chronic (ongoing) illnesses (like type 2 diabetes) when you are an adult or older teen.


Related foods are grouped together and represented within separate sections of the cactus.

The drawing includes the approximate amount of servings you should try to eat each day from each group. (Serving sizes are explained in the following chapter.)

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