Pyramid Yoga Pose

Pyramid Yoga Pose


As the name suggests, this Yoga Pose creates the sacred geometry of a pyramid. It brings about perfect balance and is excellent for stretching the hamstrings and spine, as well as toning and cleansing the internal organs. It’s also incredibly calming and rejuvenating for the mind because it sends fresh blood to the brain.

QUALITY Grounding, calming, balancing EFFECT Flexibility, strength PROPS Blocks GAZE Down to the ground

1 Begin in Mountain Yoga Pose Pose with your feet hip-distance apart. Step your left foot behind you about 3 to 4 feet and release your left heel to the ground. Adjust your feet so the heels of your front and back feet are aligned.

2 Inhale your arms above your head. As you exhale, draw your palms together behind your back in a prayer-like position with your fingers pointing up between your shoulder blades. If a reverse prayer behind your back is too intense, hold on to your opposite elbows.

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3 As you inhale, widen your elbows to the side like wings by drawing your shoulders back to stretcl open your chest. Arch your back and look up. As you exhale, draw your right hip back and hinge forward at the hips, twisting a bit toward the right. Allow your torso, chest, and head to relax and lengthen over your right leg. Stay here and breathe for 5 breaths.

4 Keep drawing the shoulders back. Lift up as you inhale and exhale deeply from the belly, releasing the spine, head, and jaw.

5 When you’re ready to come up, exhale and root down into your feet by shifting your weight back, and inhale to rise up to standing, circling your arms above you. Exhale your left foot forward to meet your right and release your arms by your sides into Mountain Yoga Pose. Switch feet and repeat on the other side.

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