Push up Truth for Yoga

Hooray! New exercise research published in the Journal ofApplied Biomechanics confirms push-ups on your hands and knees are just as beneficial as on your hands and toes.

Why? The ratio of upper-body muscle activation is identical whichever version you’re doing.

If you still aspire to the traditional version, start by working to the point of fatigue on your knees and you’ll build sufficient strength to perform the full version.

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Want even better news?

The scientists say push-ups are a more effective functional move than the bench press, activating your abs by an extra 51 per cent. Go girl!

‘Looking fora HUT workout with without injury risk?

Choose a no-impact session such as Speedflex. The machines you work at use hydraulics, so the harder you work, the more they resist. As the lever arm only moves when you push it, you have to apply force through an entire exercise, so more muscle groups are used and more calories burned. Try 30- or 45-minute themed sessions, suitable for all.’

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