Puppy Yoga Pose

Puppy Yoga Pose

Then one of you will think a bit more logically or someone else will point out to you that you are wrong, and before you know it you are apologising. Then the other person apologises too. Harmony returns.

However, your business relationship will now be stronger. This is because you and the colleague have shared an extreme emotional experience. It is not every day it is a once in a moment experience. This will help bind you together as you will both remember it.

But in the cold light of day, what have you actually done? Not much really, just used the magic word “sorry”. Powerful word, “sorry”. Therefore why not use it more often and much earlier in the sequence of emotions. Try it. Before you get to a full blown argument try saying something like “I am sorry but I don’t understand your point of view?” People will latch onto the “sorry” word as an olive branch.

Again you will be making a connection but without the trials and tribulations of a full blown argument. And this is because you value the relationship more than being “right” about something that is probably trivial anyway.

Try using the word “sorry” a little bit more when the tension starts to rise in the workplace. You know you value your working relationships more than you want to be right.

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