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Prenatal yoga at home on That conjunction is the cause of ignorance (avidya), which is the seer losing awareness of its real nature and identifying with the ever-changing manifestations of prakrti. This ignorance is said by Patanjali to be the fundamental cause of affliction (klesa) as the body-mind complex with which the bound purusa identifies gives rise to further causes of affliction: I-am-ness (asmita); attachment (raga); aversion (dvesa), and the will-to-live (abhinivesa). The causes of affliction exist in two modes: subtle (suksma) and coarse (sthula). At the subtle level, the klesas condition the psychological traits (vasana) and the psychic impressions of former actions (samskara).

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At the coarse level, they are aroused or active (udara). In this condition they influence the states of consciousness (vrtti) that are the normal range of experience for most people. The vrttis are: 1.

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