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Prenatal kundalini yoga on Nuns live under these and eight additional precepts that essentially subordinate all nuns to all monks. Both the Vinaya Pitaka and the Anguttara Nikaya (Gradual Sayings) contain a passage where Mahapajapati, the Buddha s aunt and wet nurse, accepts ordination on condition that she and all nuns will embrace these extra precepts. Women in Buddhism can become arahats and attain nibbana but they remain socially inferior to all monks. These regulations, along with their equivalents in Jainism and the descriptions of the lives of forest dwellers in the Upanisads, all point to non-violence and celibacy as the norm for the early practitioners of yoga. However, in the epic period a radically new interpretation of yoga came onto the scene. It is persuasively presented by the warrior king Krsna to his friend Arjuna in one of Hinduism s most celebrated texts: the Bhagavad Gita. Before examining that yoga, however, it is worth noting some of the developments in yogic thought and practice that took place within that form of Buddhism known as the Great Vehicle (Mahayana). Prenatal kundalini yoga 2016.

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