Pregnancy Pilates Exercises

Pregnancy Pilates Exercises

Scorpio Capricorn.

Gemini is the linking energy. This sign is ruled by Mercury, Venus and Earth the three energies we are considering that need to be brought into right relationship on the cosmic physical plane. When we consider too that Gemini rules the Fourth Hierarchy (counting from above down), we deepen our penetration into the mystery of the origin of man.

Returning to Figure 17 we must now focus on the red line that represents the sushumna thread of this antahkarana.

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It links three crucifixions that of our Planetary Logos on the fourth subplane of the cosmic astral, the Fifth Hierarchy, and the Ninth (or Fourth) Hierarchy who are ourselves as we approach the Fourth Degree. It was at the Fourth Initiation that Jesus on the buddhic plane was overshadowed by the Christ on the monadic. The link then extended to Sanat Kumara (consider the central point of Figure 17 as a crown chakra), and thence to the Planetary Logos polarised upon the fourth subplane of the cosmic astral. Thus a great alignment of Will took place.

[The Christ] established for the first time in planetary history a contact between the Hierarchy, Humanity, Shamballa and the Spirit of Peace in His Own high place… in the words: “Father, not my will but Thine be done, ” thus carrying the thought up to the highest plane for He addressed the Father, the first Aspect of Divinity. He then focussed in Himself the two major divine attributes and aspects will and love… and because of this, His consciousness became extra-planetary as is the consciousness of the Lord of the World, and He could then touch certain heights of awareness and contact certain solar Agencies which had never before been contacted by man. 70

The education of humanity regarding the science of the antahkarana, both personal and planetary, is crucial to solar evolution. Unenlightened in this regard, man is drawn deeper and deeper into the three worlds which are not a solar principle. Now this in itself is not bad because man, regardless of his confusion IS the light of the soul and therefore of the Sun, and is thus enlightening matter. It is not the descent of man’s consciousness that causes so much of the problem it is the fall of his identity.

The cosmic antahkarana allows man’s identity to gradually shift up the planes while his consciousness is able to penetrate further into their depths. The externalisation of the Hierarchy, consciously undertaken, is an example of this on a large scale.

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