Pregnancy Gym Ball Exercises

Pregnancy Gym Ball Exercises

It is Christ’s ability to reach up into the extra-planetary spheres which also gives him the power to fully externalise on the physical plane.

When the Solar Logos is able to demonstrate full mastery of the cosmic physical plane he will have solarised the matter in his ring-pass-not and carried out his Purpose. At that time the

Third cosmic Initiation having been taken, he will abstract his focus into higher spheres.

Agni as Lord of the Fifth cosmic Ray, is only one aspect of the Solar Logoic triad. He is the loving intelligence of God extended to his creation. Consider this definition of a solar angel: those agents who pass the life of God through their bodies of flame as it descends from the higher into the lower, and again as it ascends from the lower into the higher.71

We can equally apply it to Agni in the cosmic sense. He provides the coherent sacrificial fiery sheath that allows the Life of the Logos emanating from cosmic monadic levels to descend into manifestation and re-ascend into obscuration. Agni is a cosmic solar angel whose loving sacrifice allows all within the lower three cosmic planes to ‘Live’.

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