Pregnancy Diet And Exercise

Pregnancy Diet And Exercise

In effect the meditator is taking a form in this case a thoughtform solarising it and then seeking to transfigure it ie. have its essential underlying nature revealed to him through relating the form to its monadic archetype. This relationship will result in the apparent acceleration of the thoughtform towards its future destination.

a. There will suddenly dawn upon the disciple’s waiting mind (which still remains the agent of reception) the answer to his problem, the clue to what is needed to bring relief to humanity, the information desired which, when applied, will unlock some door in the realm of science, psychology or religion. This door, when opened, will bring relief or release to many. As before I have told you, the intuition is never concerned with individual problems or enquiries, as so many self-centred aspirants think. It is purely impersonal and only applicable to humanity in a synthetic sense.

This is all linked to the Fifth Ray integration formula a key descends into the mind of the scientist in his laboratory. The real scientist is the soul and his laboratory is the causal body. That which is descending is in effect the future. The Agni yogi makes of himself an instrument by way of which some aspect of the relative perfection of the future is revealed to the consciousness of the present. An historian links humanity to its past. An Agni yogi links humanity to its future. That future arrives through him.

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b. The “intruding agent of light” (as the Old Commentary calls these adventuring intuitives) is recognised as one to whom can be entrusted some revelation, some new impartation of truth, some significant expansion from a seed of truth already given to the race. He then sees a vision, hears a voice, registers a message, or highest form of all he becomes a channel of power and light to the world, a conscious Embodiment of divinity, or a Custodian of a divine principle. These forms constitute true revelation, imparted or embodied; they are still rare but will increasingly be developed in humanity.

This is a wonderful image an “intruding agent of light”. Light is the symbol for the soul an agent of light is a solar being; and yet what is it that this agent of light is intruding upon? Perhaps it is the peaceful silent Will of the monad or in a planetary sense, the Council Chamber of Shamballa wherein Purpose is contained as in a reservoir held by a ring-pass-not. This ring-pass-not keeps out those who cannot be trusted to know something of the Purpose of Sanat Kumara. It keeps out in effect, the non-solarised consciousness of the Black Lodge. However this ring-pass-not can be pierced by an intruding agent of the White Lodge. In fact it requires the pressure of striving to penetrate it the kingdom of heaven is taken by force the force of self, of the initiating soul striving, and not the force of the personal will.

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