Pregnancy Back Pain Exercises

Pregnancy Back Pain Exercises

The Centre at the Base of the Spine. This centre is, above everything else, controlled and governed by the Law of Being…and is established where spirit and matter meet and where matter…is translated “into Heaven”…91

Thus we have a relationship between cosmic buddhi and the kundalini fires governed by the Law of Being. This Law stands behind and is the synthesis of the three lesser Laws that work through the time and space of the three solar systems. As human units on the fourth cosmic ether or buddhic plane enter the higher Way via the monadic plane, they take the cosmic Paths which all eventually lead to the cosmic buddhic plane. We are essentially cosmic buddhi.

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Similarly the agnichaitans that make up the human base chakra will one day make their way to the buddhic plane and become units within the planetary centres, and then eventually make their way to the cosmic buddhic plane for they too are essentially cosmic buddhi.

The Law of Being makes all of us brothers regardless of our different identifications in the time and space manifestation of the solar system. We realise that brotherhood in the Aquarian Age via Agni and the agency of fire.

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