Pregnancy and the Upanishads

According to yogic philosophy, we are all made of five elements or pancha mahabhoota, and these five elements follow an order: first comes space; from space, air; then fire; then water; and finally the earth. On earth there are various ooshadhi (medicine or herbs, for the lack of an exact translation) and from this comes anna or food.

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A baby is conceived within the space that exists inside the mother, and space has the quality of sound. So mothers can hear their baby within weeks of the pregnancy, quiet and otherwise submissive women begin to find a voice, and that strength, they will tell you, comes from the baby. And with ultrasounds these days, you will hear the heartbeat by the sixth week, long before the baby has taken any shape.

• Then comes the air element, and most women experience some disturbance within their body’s vata or air element and will experience some degree of nausea or feel bloated or have a disturbed digestion.

• Then the fire element comes in and it has the quality of form, so over a period of time, the baby takes shape within the body and you can almost see her tiny feet and even nails in the ultrasound scan.

• Then eventually the water breaks and a baby—with the quality of earth, of being solid or immovable—is born. You can now hear, touch, see, taste and smell your baby and the first thing she will do on taking birth is seek the ooshadhi, the breast milk, and thanks to this first food, the baby will feel nurtured and eventually grow and mature into a fine human being.

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Pregnancy and the Upanishads

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Pregnancy and the Upanishads

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Pregnancy and the Upanishads

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