Prasara: The Art Of Movement

A new expression of yoga has recently emerged, one that perhaps adheres more closely to the original scientific foundation of the Yoga Sutras than any other. The creator/rediscover of this yoga method, the author, has named it Prasara yoga. The word prasara means “extension, advancing, a free course, a stream. ” It also carries the meaning of “boldness and courage. ”

Interestingly, when used in the context of music, prasara is a kind of dance.

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The word is made from the root sara, which means “liquid, ” “motion, ” and “going, ” and the prefix pra, which means “forward, ” “going forth. ” Prasara is unique among yoga teachings in that it fully integrates the threefold practice of Kriya yoga and all of the eight limbs of Ashtanga yoga as laid out in the Sadhana Pada of the Yoga Sutras.

Furthermore, it is perhaps the only yoga today that explicitly and systematically teaches the eighth limb, Samadhi.

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