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Pranayama yoga on That work also summarizes much of the research showing that human beings do have a nature that has evolved over vast, in comparison to individual lives, time scales. The nature identified by this research will be my primary source of information when answering question 1. However, before I turn to that question I want to return to the issue I raised in what I previously referred to as the final section in my answer to question 2, which explored the issue of whether science can be a more reliable source of knowledge than what we might call naive perception, inference or testimony. Modern knowledge, which derives from modern research, is a contested arena. Innocent students who embark on personal quests to discover the current state of our knowledge about ourselves are in a precarious position. Even if they reject all religious claims to knowledge and read only those works and attend only those lectures offered by academics working in reputable universities they may still be misled. So even if we try to seek guidance on our knowledge of ourselves we cannot avoid having to make judgments about the relative worth of competing positions that are persuasively presented by clever people. Pranayama yoga 2016.

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